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Focus incense is a carefully crafted blend designed to enhance concentration, mental clarity, and attentiveness.  Frankincense has a woody scent with hints of citrus and pine to enhance focus. Peppermint has a cool menthol undertone and stimulates alertness.  Sage has invigorating and grounding qualities as it purifies the air.  As the incense gently burns, the stimulating scents collaborate to create an atmosphere conducive to heightened focus, mental sharpness, and a centered mind.


"I am a beacon of focus and clarity, channeling my attention and energy with unwavering determination. With disciplined intent, I prioritize my tasks, aligning my efforts toward the fulfillment of my goals. My mind is clear, my vision sharp, and my concentration unwavering. In the realm of concentration, distractions fade, and intent becomes my guiding light.  I am centered, focused, and firmly rooted in the power of the present moment.”


Focus is used for:  concentration, clarity, intention-setting, mindfulness, mental alertness


Magixstyx incense is handcrafted in Los Angeles using 100% All-Natural Ingredients.

Focus Incense

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Contents: 10 handmade, 4-inch incense sticks in one box

    Approximate Burn time: 25 minutes each stick

    * These premium incenses are made to order, so please allow for up to 1-2 weeks to ship. Each incense stick is handmade and unique, so appearances may vary. 

    * Incense holder is not included


    1. Light the tip of the incense stick

    2.  Gently blow or fan the stick to extinguish the flame

    3.  Place the unlit end in a heat-proof container


    Caution:  Do not leave the incense burning unattended.  Make sure the area is well-ventilated.  Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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