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THE Magixstyx STORY

Hello incense community, my name is Jennifer, and I am a Physical Therapist and an Incense Artisan.  I am a 1st-Generation Lao-American who grew up watching my parents burn incense regularly.  We use it at the Buddhist temple, to commemorate ancestors, to protect homes, to bless unions,  and to welcome new family members.  Connecting past and future generations with rituals is important to preserve culture and heritage.    

Over time as a family, we also have adapted and learned ways to modernize ancient traditions yet still maintain the essence of the ritual.    Since I live far from my family, burning incense was a way for me to connect and learn about my own heritage as well as learn about incense rituals all over the world. 


I realized that I liked the act of burning incense, but the synthetic incenses I had were irritating my senses.  This would cause headaches and an allergic reactions, which is not the embodiment of what a self-care ritual should look or feel like.  I took a closer look at the ingredients and the process that were used , and realized that there are so many strong chemicals in the commercial incenses that are available.  Mass-produced incense with synthetic fragrances have been saturating and poisoning the true, beautiful nature of plant medicine.  I sought to make a better and cleaner burning incense with all-natural ingredients that would enhance my well-being and benefit my health.  My goal with Magixstyx is to use high quality, real plant medicine to elevate your incense experience. 

The ancient art of handcrafting plant medicine from real plant material is intricately detailed in each unique incense stick that I create.  The techniques I use are rooted in the foundation of our history where craftsmanship and quality prevail.  Ancestral knowledge of plant medicine at your fingertips is now readily available for you to reconnect with nature.  Magixstyx is made in an environment with joy, care, and respect, and was envisioned from the need to create a clean incense product with zero chemicals. 

I am also a Physical Therapist, so I draw from my healthcare experience to continue to encourage holistic wellness and improve quality of life.  I continue to do rehabilitation on patients, and I advocate wellness everyday.  I work on myself daily to be able to act in alignment with my highest self, so you get a good product with good energy.  I want to share healing vibes with you.   

Thank-you for visiting this site and for your support, love, and trust.  Sending the incense community good health as we all continue on our wellness journey.  Let's burn some Magixstyx together.  

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