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5 Benefits of Incense

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Here are a few reasons why incense is beneficial. All-natural incense is my favorite.

1. Aromatherapy - Pick a scent you love, light it up, and just breathe deep into the beauty of this moment.

2. For Rituals - Use incense to start the day or end the day on the right note. Use it before a project, to clean house, and during yoga to invite your own vibes. It clears the space and allows you to focus your energy to set the tone of your activity. Make a space to allow your energy to shine.

3. Connect with your Spirituality - Incense encourages a higher vibration to connect with spirit realms. Sacred smoke may be intended as a symbolic or sacrificial offering to various deities or spirits, or to serve as an aid in prayer.

4. For Meditation - Incense deepens concentration and focus so you can focus on your intentions, manifestations, and affirmations. Engaging in mindfulness and grounding yourself can help you achieve peace and balance.

5. As a timer - Incense can last 40-45 minutes. Light it as you start working, meditating, or journaling, and continue until it burns out. Fragrance is a much more gentle timekeeper than a blaring alarm clock, and you deserve to be kind to yourself.

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