Magixstyx is the art of handcrafted plant medicine. It is all-natural incense sustainably sourced from real herbs, resins, and woods from all over the world for your wellness.  Ancestral knowledge of plant medicine is now at your fingertips so that you can connect with nature.  


Each Incense stick is made in Los Angeles, CA and is unique for your everyday Manifestations, Meditations, and Intentions.  I use eco-friendly and compostable packaging, and do not use chemicals, nor do I hand-dip the incenses in synthetic fragrances.  Each incense stick is uniquely created with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and craftsmanship.  

Magixstyx is ideal for enhancing moods, aromatherapy, and improving your mental and spiritual health by using real plant medicine.  Harness the power of real plants as part of your daily practice.  

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